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Publisher: Jam Bomb

Long Road Home is a tabletop adventure game designed to be played with an eclectic collection of miniatures along with some polyhedral dice, a tape measure, a few tokens, terrain, some paper and a pen/pencil.

You will be in control of a convoy of hopeful survivors in a vaguely post-apocalyptic world, guiding them on a perilous journey in search of home.

Long Road Home is played as a ‘campaign’ – a string of connected adventures and events where every decision has an effect on the next. There are a few steps you need to complete before you can hit the tabletop and start fighting for your life, and will continue to keep track of an entire convoy of supplies, gear and people as you play from one chapter to the next.

The core experience centres around procedurally generated missions where the enemies can come back. You will have to choose which missions you avoid and which ones you push hard and take risks on.

You’ll be facing off against different enemy types which escalate in numbers as you play. Should your survivors be taken out of action or die you’ll have to draw on reserves left in your convoy or search for stranded survivors along the way.

You will need to manage essential fuel, ammo, food and medical supplies as you move your convoy along the road, while stopping at locations to resupply, recover powerful relics, rescue survivors and clear obstacles.

Ultimately it’s a marathon, not a race, but you can choose how long the marathon will last. 

If you eventually guide your convoy to the end, you win.

Good luck!

Inspired by games like Five Parsecs from Home, Rangers of Shadowdeep, XCOM and Wasteland

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