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Publisher: Finger and Toe Models

Distant explosions deep in the Falinbach factory complex told Field Sergeant Eve de la Torre that B Squad had finished their task and was exiting.  Showtime.  Her noob scurried along the catwalk toward the platform whose console was her objective.  Eve smiled at his “head on a swivel,” particularly noting he checked the overhead crane before dropping prone to provide cover fire.  At a flick of her hand Tech Sergeant Gomes went next, already pulling the data jacker from its pocket on his harness.  As he slammed it against the side of the console and tapped the green button, the rest of her squad quickly swarmed across the platform and down the ramp.  Moments later, Gomes and the noob scurried by her and the team extracted.  Mission accomplished…or so she thought.
Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm card stock Industrial Sector: Platforms, perfect as a setting for your sci-fi skirmishes.  The platforms are fully compatible with Finger and Toe’s Industrial Sector: Catwalks and are modular and collapsible.  There are five platforms: one 3×3″ and a 4×4″ square, a rectangular 3×6″, and two six inch octagons, one with a hole in the center.  For easy access to the platforms, there’s a 2×9″ ramp.  The platforms come in two textures: mesh floor and diamond plate.  Several props are included: a console, desks, tables, and drums.

Platforms is textured to go with any Industrial Sector model, Omega Prime sci-fi interiors, the Slagtown and Refinery sets, and, of course, the sci-fi fortress line, Tango Prime.

Industrial Sector: PlatformsPrice: $6.00