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Publisher: Voxelhouse

About This Edition

Since it was released, Hotwar was supposed to be a game system set in a “diesel Punk” world or focused on the so-called Weird WW2. It was something I wanted to do, but in reality I rehearsed it at first. The initial scale of the game was 28mm, an influence I still had from some old personal projects of mine.
When I made all the updates to Iron Cross, I thought it was time to put Hotwar in my ideas workshop and create a unification of the systems in a single scale of 1/300 or 6mm. I think this decision was made because I was really passionate about the scale and the advantage of it being cheap and taking up little space on a gaming table.

In addition, Iron Cross already has a wide audience of players, as the game material is constantly downloaded/purchased on Wargamevault, a site that today concentrates all my efforts in promoting and selling products.

In this new version, I included a series of new rules and significantly expanded the game by bringing in new units, the magic system, the aliens, and introducing giant units such as the Gargantua. However, I will still greatly expand it in future “Recon Corners,” creating scenarios that encompass a series of connections with Iron Cross, as well as updating a series of armored vehicles from the 1950s for our players.

I believe that now we can provide much more fun for your gaming tables. Along with this, we will be constantly releasing new miniatures for 3D printing that can be used in all our systems. The experience we want to deliver to our wargamers is the most complete possible, taking into account price and quality.

I would like to thank all of you who buy, play, and promote our game systems. We have many players who use our systems on their gaming tables and who really enjoy what we offer you. This spirit always encourages us to produce more and more, considering that nowadays there are so many game options.

In conclusion, as a game designer, I wish everyone that Hotwar can provide you with a lot of fun. May we be present at conventions, events, and clubs around the world through our players. May all of you have great hours of fun!

Tony Garcia – December 2022


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