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Publisher: Blue Panther LLC

Horns of the Buffalo – The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 is a fast-playing, introductory level wargame with a series of engagements from that war between the Zulu and British Empires.   Each battle is designed to be played in about an hour, while not losing the feel or flavor of the events simulated. 

While the rules provide everything you need to enjoy the many battles included in the game, many scenarios will have special rules to modify the series rules, to enhance the experience of the individual engagements.  As with all BMG games feel free to adjust a rule or a scenario to make the game your game.

This game requires one, ten-sided die to play.

12 Scenarios included:  Roarke’s Drift,  Isandlwana, Prince Imperial, Buller’s Pursuit,  Ulundi Ambush,  Gingindlovu, Hlobane, Kambula, Intombi Drift, iNyezane River,  Ulundi

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