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Publisher: Strato Minis Studio

Hardwars are not waged in a technological vacuum, every month, every year brings new products, upgrades and solutions. Some of them are breakthroughs, some of them are small evolutionary advancements of known reliable tech, and some are just refined and optimised existing solutions. And some are just refurbished and fixed factory recalls, failed designs and dead ends of the technology tree.

While mankind at the dawn of the 22nd century is not as rapidly developing as a century earlier, progress is still noticeable. Transnationals and their military industry complexes spend more time in R&D in comparison to their ancestors, knowing that the 21st-century corporate adage of “test it on the consumer” was a wrong turn instead of a shortcut. Technology is made to last and to be reliable. At the same time, there are many more opportunities to develop, test, get feedback and advance new military technologies. Breakthroughs in sentient AI, obscure advancements in FTL technology, antimatter containment, tachyon communications and gravity control could be mentioned as examples of recent novelties. Military testing in hundreds of micro wars during the Hardwar era brings much much better R&D results than during times of peace.

Contents of this expansion, hopefully, the first of the many, may be treated as the latest tech solutions available in the year 2102, while the main rulebook technology is valid in the year 2100. Of course, it does not mean that 2100 tech is obsolete – some of those developments, spotted at the Kinshasa Expo 2100 are just about to be delivered to the buyers for the first time.

22 pages of new assets, weapons and rules
22 ready-to-play stat lines of combat elements
12 new weapons
15 different special skills
New Black Assets
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