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Publisher: Minden Games

GUNFIGHT AT OK CORRAL, ADVANCED ED. UPDATE is made available to those who have the first edition of the game (and thus, the system rules), but who would like all the features included in the Advanced (2nd) edition. 

This PDF Update consists of 28 pages, and contains everything the the Advanced Ed. except the game rules. You must own Gunfight at O.K. Corral 1st ed. (published in Panzerschreck, or in Solitaire 19th c. Wargames) to use this Update.

The new advanced edition adds many fully rated historical gunfighter counters so you can recreate a myriad of historical or design-your-own encounters, in addition to the Gunfight at O.K. Corral scenario.  Many famous men, like Billy the Kid, Bat Masterson, Tom Horn, John Wesley Hardin, Wild Bill Hickock, the Sundance Kid, Pat Garrett,  Ned Christie, and many more are included, lawmen and outlaws alike.  All using the same game system included in the 1st edition of the game.  

This Advanced Edition expands on the original by adding several new optional rules, new scenarios (saloon shootouts, High Noon encounters, ambushes), 30 new historical Old West gunfighter counters, and a special Fantasy Supplement which brings many heroes from television westerns to life, all rated to integrate within the regular historical game,

While this new edition retains the same game system as the original, much more has been added to increase enjoyment.  When coupled with the original game, you are now presented with 42 historical, fully rated gunfighter counters, game markers, several new advanced optional rules, several new scenarios, game log sheets, plus 18 gunfighter counters from television’s golden age of the 60s (McCain, the Barkleys, Dillon, West, the Cartwrights, etc.) including special rules for their use, not to mention over 20 rated, generic “townspeople” counters (banker, farmer, bartender, gambler, etc.) so you can populate your own scenarios with bystanders.

If you enjoyed the 1st ed. of this game, wish to own the Advanced version without buying the entire Advanced Ed., you can simply get this PDF Update version. 

NOTE: If you do not own the 1st edition, buy the Advanced Ed. here at Wargame Vault.  If you own the 1st ed. and want the complete Advanced Ed., but the Advanced Ed. here at Wargame Vault.  If you own the 1st ed. but want to save a few bucks while adding the content of the new Advanced ed., buying this Update version is for you.

GUNFIGHT AT O.K. CORRAL, ADVANCED ED. UPDATE stands within the long line of highly playable, historically authentic games from Minden, and this Update version is available to interested gamers in PDF format.  Designer: Gary Graber.  Publisher: Minden Games. 

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