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Publisher: Vyacheslav Batalov

Imagine yourself as the Emir or Khan of a small imaginary kingdom in Central Asia in the second half of the 19th century. You have to pacify the rebellions and repel the raids of neighboring nomadic tribes. At the same time, European countries dream of subordinating you to their policies in the Great Game.

Like many of the Eastern armies, your army combines regular infantry and large cavalry from nomadic tribes. Regular foot soldiers like the Janissaries or Sipay are called Sarbaz and wear a “European” uniform over the traditional Asian robe. The bodyguards are dressed and armed in Asian style.

You have numerous cavalry from representatives of different tribes of the Middle East: Uzbeks, Kirghiz, Turkmens. Some of them are depicted armed with traditional weapons.

Turkmen are depicted with guns 1870-1900. They can be not only cavalry, but also “dragoons” – mounted skirmishers.

The author of the drawings is inspired by rules like “The man who would be the king”. We hope this album will delight fans of this game and many other games too.

Generistan. Part1. Middle Asia of 19th century.Price: $10.00