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Publisher: onepagerules

Gang Wars is an expansion for Grimdark Future: Firefight that provides additional rules for violent gang combat in the streets of the dangerous and futuristic Hive City. The game mechanics are designed to be easy to learn but hard to master, bringing engaging gang skirmishes for new and experienced players alike.

This game expansion for Grimdark Future: Firefight adds lots of extra content to the core rules, providing you with countless hours of epic gang skirmishes that you can customize however you like. The rules are written to be concise and to the point, and come with beautiful illustrations as well as helpful gang and city sheets.

Here’s everything that’s included in this expansion:

  • Campaign Rules
    • Campaign Setup
    • Playing Missions
    • Post-Game Sequence
    • Hero Skills
    • Upgrading Gangs
    • Hive City Armory
    • Territory Control
    • Special Territories
    • Territory Exploration
  • Additional Rules
    • Gang Missions
    • City Fighting
    • Hazardous Terrain
    • Critical Hits
    • Random Events

Note that to play this expansion you’re going to need the core rules for Grimdark Future: Firefight as well as some army lists, which you can find for free on our website:

Gang Wars - Grimdark Future Firefight ExpansionPrice: $4.99