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Publisher: Flagbearer Games

Ready, aim, fire!

Drawn straight from the pages of history, Flintlocks & Fulminates is a comprehensive guide to black powder firearms from 1650-1850. This supplement builds on the rules presented in Nations & Cannons for historical adventures in 5E, but is also fully compatible your flintlock fantasy campaign! Inside you’ll find:

Detailed history of the development of black powder, lock mechanisms, and bayonets.
New feats, fighting styles, and gambits (mundane spells) for gunslinging characters
40 unique firearms, from hand mortars, rampart muskets, and elephant guns.
A suite of rare Magnificent Items with exotic (and explosive!) abilities
A Wargear system to customize your loadout, and bring multiple firearms into battle!
Advanced weapon properties like revolver, lever-action, and break open
Crafting and Weapon Accessory rules to rebuild and tinker with your firearms.

This 46 page PDF includes expanded rules for small arms, grenades, and artillery from the Nations & Cannons Starter Rules, as well as 15 pages of never-before-seen content. It’s the most comprehensive and well-tested black powder system ever designed for 5E!

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