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Publisher: MuM

Enhanced chimney pack for tabletop miniature sceneries, dioramas and low poly gaming, design, animation. Inspired by 80’s-90’s rooftop elements, these pieces designed for industrial and residental units. Includes 17 types of rooftop equipment, straight piping, with pointy and round rain shields, collector units with spinners and large exhausts with single and triple feeds. Ideal for modern, interwar and scifi settings over plastic, paper and cardboard sceneries.

SPECS: %100 scaled models are made for 10MM tabletop standard (equal to a 10MM tall adult human), any other scale can be set as ‘scale times 10’ as percentage. Designed for minimum 6MM (%60) scale. Compatible with common FDM and SLA printers. All parts are supportless.


Enhanced Chimney PackPrice: $6.00