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Publisher: Borne From Ashes

Borne From Ashes: Frontier Battles is an open-model table top skirmish game with RPG elements. It’s set in the Heroic Age of the post-apocalypse. The cataclysm has come and gone and humanity is ready for new and exciting adventures, unburdened by the destruction of their forgotten civilizations. The game focuses on intense battles between small bands of highly skilled warriors known as Praetorians. Fight for weapons and resources, or just try to stay alive as ancient technologies run wild!

What You’ll Need

3′ x 3′ – 4′ x 6′ gaming table
10-30 6 sided dice, and a direction dice.
Area Markers (round 3″ & 5″, square 3″ x 3″), or the ability to measure these areas
Miniatures and terrain in the 28mm-35mm scale
A ruler or tape measurer in inches
2-8 players
1- 4 hours

In this bundle you will recieve
Borne From Ashes: Frontier Battles Digital PDF Booklet (Tablet & Single View)
Print-at-Home Firearm Cards
Print-At-Home Melee Weapon Cards
Print-at-Home Blast Markers
Print-at-Home Character Sheets
Print-at-Home NPC Cards
You can watch another in-person demo of this game here:

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