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Publisher: Productions Diratia

Are you a fan of realism in fantasy? A connoisseur of Sci-Fi, space travel, and wargaming? Or even a GM looking for an exciting new system with constant updates? Whatever your background is, Battle for Diratia (Usually shorten to BFD) is the game for you!

We are all too accustomed to the generic rogue that steals enemy cash right in front of him or the battle grizzled warrior fighting the evil guys for the king of “generic fantasy name” castle.

So how do you get out of these tropes and create interesting and unique stories that will be remembered by your players for years?

Well… This IS BFD.

This system was made by two veteran Gamemasters who, tired of switching system mid-combat, decided to make something more versatile. Our goal in making this game was not to make the best game ever, but to make one system in which you could simulate any situation you could want to play out in a satisfying manner.

Characters that feel human, a universe, and a system that is evolving and feels real. BFD is also a combat system that can adjusted to every group, every setting, every style of play, and every kind of player.

Reading this book is the best idea you ever had. You will never again need another system for your game. This system works for 3v3 skirmish, for immersive roleplaying, and for 1000v1000 total warfare in the modern world.

We, at Diratia Productions, believe that reading the following pages and working with us to develop this huge project together will be the best decision you have ever made. The system is EVER-EXPANDING, and we are updating it almost EVERY WEEK with your comments.

If you want to try the system. Go ahead and try one of our modules that will release every month on our Patreon or Website FOR FREE! You will understand why this system exist and why you need to use BFD in your tabletop games.

Now let’s go and create the best roleplaying/wargaming/political game we can, TOGETHER!

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