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Publisher: Chimeric Creations

Need a change of scenery?  Chimeric Creations’s Back to Basics set of slide bases let you change your miniature’s paper base to something different.  Different Chimeric Creation miniature sets include different terrain for your forces – use this set to get an idea of how these bases will look with your miniatures!

Slide Bases let you make a sturdy paper base to slide your miniature into when you play!  When you are done, you can take it out, and lay it all flat for easy storage.  You can easily convert  your existing paper minis to be compatible with slide bases by cutting their base to a 3 millimeter tab.

The following base styles are included:

  • 2 pages of Cobblestone (14 Infantry Bases, 6 Cavalry )
  • 2 pages of Black Base (14 Infantry Bases, 6 Cavalry )
  • 2 pages of Blank Bases (14 Infantry Bases, 6 Cavalry )

Slide Bases, in Action!

NOTE: Miniatures not included


Back to Base-ics: Slide Base Sampler PackPrice: $1.00