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Publisher: gAMStudios

The Great Global Depression of the 2020s destroyed the Free World. The economy is in permanent bankruptcy. Scientific and technological progress has reached the end of line. Education and culture have degraded.

The European Union and NATO have ceased to exist. Former allies are now preparing to tear each other apart.

The year is 2038. A new era of war begins with the clash of Islamist France and neo-fascist Spain. What kind of fanaticism is less repulsive to you?

AtomBlitz: The 1st Anticrusade is the first installation in a new series of tactical wargames about local nuclear wars of the near future. Take command of the army of obscurantists armed with the latest technology, and walk through the ruins of Western civilization with fire and tracks!

The mini-game set contains 1 A4 map depicting the border area of France and Spain, and two sheets of 13.5 mm counters for infantry units, ground and air combat vehicles. The four-mission campaign allows players to participate in a fierce two-day border battle of the post-hybrid warfare era armies. 

AtomBlitz: The 1st AnticrusadePrice: $8.88