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Publisher: Anthems of War

Welcome to Anthems of War, a bring your own miniatures fantasy skirmish game. Your battles are the stories told by rival bards in a tavern. You not only control the forces on the field but also play the role of the bard, embellishing the story as you play. Maybe a fog bank rolls in, keeping your rogue’s flanking attack concealed. What if that common soldier steps up to lead your forces after his commander is consumed by a wall of flame? Wouldn’t it be a shame if a sudden downpour wet the strings of an elven ranger’s bow just before she was about to fire a shot? With these narrative elements, no battle will ever be the same.

Anthems of War is a fantasy miniatures skirmish game designed to be played head to head by two players. Designed to be played with 15mm, 28mm, or 32mm miniatures, players move their characters on the battlefield, roll dice and try to get the upper hand against their opponents using a variety of different scenarios and goals.

Scenarios can be used to represent single conflicts or they can be linked together in an overarching campaign. With a system that introduces narrative elements to the gameplay and the ability to create any characters you can dream up no two scenarios ever play quite the same.

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