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Publisher: David Wasilewski

Welcome to All Hell Let Loose!

Simple rules for fast playing 6mm WW2 Wargaming that encourage real-life tactics!

All Hell Let Loose - 6mm WW2 Wargaming by David Wasilewski

All Hell Let Loose is a set of WW2 late war wargaming rules designed and playtested to encourage real-life tactics. Although created specifically for 6mm (or 1/285th scale) miniatures the rules can be used for larger sized miniatures like 10mm with minimal changes.

The rules allow you to play at the scale you choose – either 1 model or stand of infantry represents 1 vehicle or squad/section of infantry or each model or stand can represent a platoon.

Optional rules let you dial up the detail and zoom in on the minutia of combat or skip them to play really big games more quickly.

All Hell Let Loose - 6mm WW2 Wargaming by David Wasilewski

Simple and adaptable late war European theatre army lists with each of the four major powers for that theatre included: British, American, Soviet and German.

A two-page quick reference sheet allows you to play without needing to reference the core rules and the rules include a photocopy ready counter sheet that provides counters for hidden movement, ambush and target markers for indirect fire and aircraft attacks.

  • Fast play, simple rules that encourage real-life tactics
  • All the rules you need to get started in one book
  • Simple army lists for late war European eastern and western front
  • Flexible figure scale and basing system
  • Rules for the fog of war and for hidden movement
  • Suitable for solo play all the way up to multiplayer club sized games
  • No record-keeping or order writing necessary
  • Optional rules for weather, darkness, engineers and high ground
  • Photocopy ready counter sheet
  • Photocopy ready quick reference sheet

All Hell Let Loose - PDF Available Now - Hard and Softback Available Soon

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