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Publisher: Through All Ages LLC

Fight alongside the Americans at Yorktown under this flag! This flag was illustrated by Colonel John Graves Simcoe (or someone working under him) of the Queen’s Rangers.  The provenance of the original watercolor painting is undisputed, but a few other flags in the same picture show reversed colors.  Others are accurate, however.

The reproductions this artist has seen are indistinct when it comes to the shape of the stars.  Perhaps Colonel Simcoe (who suffered from fever during the siege of Yorktown) was not too certain himself.  Are they 5-point, 6-point, or 8-point?  All are seen on other Revolutionary-era flags.  To make certain, illustrations are provided for each shape of star–one flag with 5 pointed stars, one with 6, and one with 8.

Each flag comes as three high-quality PNG images in a zip folder: obverse, reverse, and complete image.

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