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Publisher: Through All Ages LLC

Ride with the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons under these proud standards!  All are based on surviving artifacts. The striped one was rediscovered in 2006 and auctioned to an unknown bidder , while the other two are in museums.  The striped standard (which was captured by Colonel Banastre Tarleton at the Battle of Poundridge, New Jersey) was the regimental standard, and the other two were likely troop standards.  

There is some uncertainty what color the fringe on the regimental standard.  All photographs show it as green, but it may have discolored over the centuries.  Since there is some uncertainty, three different illustrations are provided here: one with green fringe, one with gold fringe, and one with silver fringe.

All flags have obverse, reverse, and complete flag images.  They come as 15 high-quality PNG images, contained in a zip folder.

1776-1783 2nd Continental Light Dragoons StandardsPrice: $3.00