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Publisher: White Wolf

Unliving Cities

A V5 City Building Supplement

Unliving Cities – A V5 City Building Supplement acts first and foremost as an assistive tool for STs in creating settings within their Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition games.

This supplement includes:

Summaries of how cities belonging to major Sects might “look” and “behave” – covering Camarilla, Anarchs, Sabbat, Independent/Autarkis, Second Inquisition “Purged” Cities, and the enigmatic “Masked” cities.
A series of dice tables covering the backgrounds of a setting, the influence within the city, and aspects of culture (such as Kindred entertainment).
Brief descriptions and suggestions around the mindset of creating your city/setting and treating it as another character within the story.
City Artefacts – two of which acting as central potential plot points regarding a “Masked City” and others which can be implemented in any chronicle.

The content therein does not include ready chronicles, or stories, but rather suggestions for the shape and structure of a setting that a chronicle can then be built upon.

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