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Publisher: White Wolf

Unwanted, Unseen, Unexpected

The edges of the Garou world have always been frayed. Whether it be those who leave their tribes, those who use ancient magic to become Garou, or those who wandered too far and lost themselves in the Umbra, there are more creatures out there than the Garou want to believe. But those other creatures are out there, waiting, surviving, and plotting.

Everything that was Lost can be found

Included are rules for the Skin Dancers, the Ronin, and a new group, the Lost. Advice on how to run campaigns with these creatures as antagonists, as well as rules for having player characters from each of the groups. There are new rules for the creation of each group, as well as new Merits and Flaws, new Rituals, Gifts, Totems, and rules for tribal benefits and drawbacks.

Tribebook: The UnwantedPrice: $7.99