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Publisher: White Wolf

To live is to fight, and everything that lives has its own way of staying alive. These Pages are Knives is a collection of martial arts for Exalted Third Edition, and this is the ninth installment.

Turtle Style is a combat style focused around the use of a shield. Possibly you’ve always wanted to be a hero with a shell, or maybe just settle on a half-shell, or maybe you’d rather go with the classic sword-and-board option. Turtle Style can easily be reskinned to handle a broad variety of options! This style focuses on parries, full defense, and counterattacks, and the ever-popular shield-surfing trick.

If you’re looking for a colorful new way to paint the battlefield red, These Pages are Knives will provide you with just the combat arts you’ve been looking for.

These Pages Are Knives: Turtle StylePrice: $8.00