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Publisher: White Wolf

Riddle of the Sphinx

The Council of Nine Traditions has a long and storied history. The fall of Doissetep, the crash of the Digital Web, the destructive Avatar Storm, and their own hubris nearly led to their demise. Inspired by the mysterious “Manifesto of the Sphinx,” the Traditions have reassembled under the New Horizon Council, but can they chart a new path to Ascension without falling prey to the hubris of the past? That is the Riddle of the Sphinx!

Exploring Paths To Ascension

What happened between the end of Mage: Revised in 2004 and Mage 20 Anniversary? How did the various catastrophes of the Reckoning shape mystic mages in the millennium? How do players bridge previous editions of Mage and Mage 20th?

As the Sphinx tells us: “We do not create the Path to Ascension; we explore it.” Riddle of the Sphinx explores the paths to Ascension the Traditions take in the 21st century.  This is a book jam packed meta-plot updates for M20 and bursting with so many great story ideas that anyone who reads it has to roll for a Paradox backlash! 

Each of the nine Traditions gets a full write-up detailing how the reality bending metaplot of the Mage: Revised and the crucible of the Reckoning transformed them. Traditions’ sub-factions get in-depth treatments complete with the fascinating new paths to Ascension for M20. Along the way, we’ll also discover the fates of Doissetep, the Verbena Seasonal Realms, the Gernback Continuum, and so much more! Come for the gripping backstories for the nine New Horizon Primi, and stay for the Awakened dolphins defecting from the Technocracy! Let us take you where dogma cannot! Riddle of the Sphinx is truly reality on the brink!

Compatible With Every Edition

Riddle of the Sphinx was created to bridge Mage: Revised and M20, but can be easily adapted to the upcomming Lore of the Traditions or any edition of Mage. Get ready to explore these new paths to Ascension in your chronicle!

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