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Publisher: White Wolf

The Horror at Metrocenter Mall

Whether you are a mortal or kindred, you always owe someone something in order to simply exist. In order to continue staying at your haven, you’ll need to earn your keep. On this night, you arrive with others who are in a similar situation to understand what gigs are available.

On this particular night, you are tasked with investigating the cause of grisly murders around Phoenix. While the Phoenix Police believe this to be the work of a wild animal, Kindred and Hunters think it may be a wight on the loose. Before this gets too out of hand, both factions send forces to investigate areas suspected of where this beast might be. 

Although this is just a scouting mission, something in your chest fills with dread as you get assigned to investigate the Metrocenter Mall after hours. but surely being a kindred or being trained to handle the abnormal will protect you from whatever beast might lurk in these shadows…right?

Phoenix by Night information:

Phoenix, Arizona is a complete and utter mess from every single angle. Weather, politics, kindred, hunters. Every aspect of this state has major issues and yet people still remain and try their best to make the best of their community. In this module, you will be the unfortunate individual to embark on a harrowing journey of horror and survival.

You’ll need to make allies of convivence and make sacrifices in order just to survive to see another day. This module can be used in both Vampire the Masquerade and Hunter the Reckoning. An option can be made to allow for both games to be used in the same chronicle as well.

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