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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing

The Order of Reason spreads its wings, and the world burns. We tell ourselves this is for Enlightenment. We tell ourselves this is for the greater good. We tell ourselves this is for humanity.

We lie to ourselves.

The great engines of the Empire are all-consuming beasts, heedless of anything but their own hunger — for riches, for lives, for land. 

Everything falls before their advance. 

Nations are ground to dust. Histories torn apart and set aflame. Treasures seized and their secrets plundered.

We will chain the world and all its magickal wonders. Who shall stop us?

Victorian Mage includes:

Advice and material for running your Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition chronicles amid the tumult of the Victorian era, as the Order of Reason rises to power and the Traditions falter.
Details of the state of the great magickal powers in this era: the Order of Reason, preparing for their metamorphosis into the Technocratic Union and riding upon the great beast of Empire; the Council of Nine, now merely eight, caught amidst infighting and looking for a new peer; and the Crafts, the manifold practices of magick across the world, who fight to save their peoples from conquest and exploitation.
Rules reflecting the difference in how magick works during this age, when the Consensus of the Technocracy has yet to enfold the globe.
A gazetteer of the Victorian world, touching on cultures and conflicts across the globe as empires struggle for dominance and the masses struggle simply to survive.

Also available now from Onyx Path Publishing:

World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters includes:

A broad, deep history of ghost hunter cells, and catalogue of weapons and artifacts ghost hunters might use in the World of Darkness.
Playable options among the hunters that fight with bullets and blades, and those who fight with belief and supernatural power. Alongside them, those hunters who would track, cage, and study the dead.
A wide array of story hooks and rich storytelling advice for those who wish to run a game of Ghost Hunters set alongside any of the World of Darkness games.
An appendix containing a selection of antagonists your ghost hunters may come to face.
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