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Publisher: White Wolf

Everything you need to play one of the Dullahan, the infamous kith behind the legends of the headless horseman!


Born from the dreams of the hunt, the punishment and divine retribution, the Dullahan stalk the highways of the World of Darkness playing judge, jury and executioner among fae and mortal alike. But as the Dreams of Law and Justice have evolved, so have these intimidating riders. And where that Dream festered, so too did the souls of the Dullahan into something monstrous…


Included in this book:

– The history, culture and powers of the Dullahan kith

– The wicked Nuckelavee thallain breed

– Expanded rules for fae steeds and hounds, as well as all new breeds to choose from

– Phantom Vehicles, a new type of fae companion from the modern age

– New Merits, Flaws and Treasures

– NPC’s, pre-made characters with stat sheets, and the Wilde Hunt Secret Society

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