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Publisher: White Wolf

From the Halls of the Arcanum

Inside the Chapter House is a collection of ready-made characters for use with M20 Sorcerer. These characters are presented as members of a small Arcanum Chapter House. Their backstories are written with the assumption that they all belong to the same Chapter House in the United States of America, but this can easily be shifted to place these characters in whatever part of the world you would like to set your chronicle.

Ready-Made Characters

The character descriptions offer a basic overview of each character’s history, some roleplaying tips, the character’s Affinity Attribute and Practice and a list of rituals the character knows. Some of these rituals are drawn from M20 Sorcerer, while others are drawn from Tome of Rituals. In both cases a brief overview of the ritual’s capabilities and systems is presented, though for full system details, it is recommended to refer to the source text.

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