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Publisher: White Wolf

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Elders: The Guide for Old Vampires
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Centuries of History
Many of us have narrated and played with elder characters, but not everyone really knows how to be, interpret, create and narrate what an elder is. The Guide for Elders is a great help for your games, so you can create captivating and interesting characters, bringing much more immersion to your games.
The Guide for Old Vampire presents:
Guide on how to create, with a step by step the story of your Elder;
Scoring, distribution of points and character interpretation;
Narrative details; how to create chronicles for elders, Storytell for Elders and create challenges to match;
New Flaw “Eternal Sleep”; Plot ideas for your campaign to involve old characters;
Use of Methuselahs and Antediluvians in their chronicles, including sheets and details of the characters;

Illumination: A Guide to Golconda
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Points of View
We’ve all had characters who wanted to be good and couldn’t because we didn’t know where to go or how to go on or how to narrate. Not everyone knows how to do this and in fact, it is a difficult task. This guide brings precisely ways to transform your chronicles, understanding about Cainite society and how to create a fun game using the Golconda theme.
New content
 Guide on how to create characters in search of enlightenment;
 Introduction, debate and dissertation about Golconda;
 Interpretation tips and constructing your character coherence;
 Difference between Golconda, Illumination and Damnation;
 Narrative tips; How to create chronicles for those who follow enlightenment
 New Merits for characters who seek enlightenment; • New Ability “Myths of Golconda”;

Sewers: A Nosferatu Guide
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Underground Ruins
In a moment, we are all lost in the sewers of a city looking for some Nosferatu. And maybe we did it out of sheer insanity. This book counts precisely as a guide on how you can make your sewers really dangerous places, places of perdition and terror, especially when you access the nosferatus refuges, underground.
New Contents
It contains a completely new little horror novel;
New Background “Sewers”;
Guide on how to Storytell and enhance horror elements in the basement of your city;
Guide on how to set up the basement of your city in a step by step;
Plot ideas for your campaign to involve the underground of a city;

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