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Publisher: White Wolf

Welcome to the World of Darkness!
Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the Storyteller System or this is your first foray into the World of Darkness, welcome! I hope you enjoy what I have put together here.

Unlike Exalted, the different core books of the World of Darkness were not designed to be used together. While they take place in the same setting and are all based on the same core Storyteller System, ultimately they were built as different games. But I decided not to let that stop me! If Vampires and Demons and Werewolves and Wraiths all exist in the same world, they should be able to all be part of the same adventure! To that end, I put together this massive undertaking of making all the different Classic World of Darkness games play nice with each other. The core dice system, Abilities, Virtues, Willpower, Merits and Flaws, Backgrounds, and Archetypes/Legacies have alll been consolidated so that two different supernatural types taking identical actions will be making identical rolls.

You will need the 20th Anniversary Editions of Vampire: The MasqueradeWerewolf: The ApocalypseMage: The AscensionWraith: The Oblivion; and Changeling: The Dreaming to use this book, and it also references and is compatible with Hunter: The ReckoningMummy: The Resurrection, and Demon: The Fallen.

Classic World of Darkness Mixed Game RulesPrice: $7.99