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Publisher: White Wolf

The emblem on the necktie reserved for the members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews – The Vatican of golf – is of St. Andrew himself baring the saltier cross on which, once he was captured at Patras, he was to be stretched before he was crucified. Only the Scots would have thought of celebrating a national game with the figure of a tortured saint.
– Alistair Cooke

St. Andrews has forever been a notable but, ultimately politically unimportant holdout for House Tremere. Everpresent Kindred overpopulation is held steady only by the town’s staggering student & tourist population. With the shattering of the pyramid, this needlepoint balance will require only the gentlest of knocks to come crashing down…

Blood on the Sands is a 69-page setting guide and module for 5th edition Vampire: The Masquerade. Designed to guide new Storytellers and players into the systems, world and style of the World of Darkness. 

The Chronicle landscape consists of a group of mortals (The PCs) and their embrace to be let loose on the large Scottish coastal town of St. Andrews. In their struggle to understand what happened to them they’ll likely encounter the local Chantry lead Camarilla, local Autarkis turned Anarchs angry over the Chantry’s overstepping and a cell of rogue Second Inquisition agents worryingly connected to the Coterie’s appearance.

Inside, you’ll find:

An introductory scenario designed with beginner Storytellers in mind which can take anywhere between 3 to 10 sessions depending on how far the ST wishes to follow the story. With advice to then springboard the module into a further full campaign.
An overview of the historic Scottish town of St. Andrews from both mortal and Kindred points of view.
NPC writeups for 13 characters from Chantry Camarilla, Anarch revolutionaries to SI adversaries.
New Blood Sorcery rituals and Thinblood Alchemy formulae.
Two Loresheets revolving around money and Vitae centuries of scheming can accrue.

Note. Blood on the Sands was formatted around two-page view in a PDF viewer, viewing in one-page mode may lessen the vibes

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