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Publisher: White Wolf

This supplement has 100 briefly described trolls that can be used in a game of Changeling: the Dreaming. In most cases, their court allegiance, and often their seeming, are not described, allowing a Storyteller to configure them as needed. They can be used as random Kithain encountered, or as friends or foes.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

Ellen Vieweg: Ellen is a talented but extremely brutal rugby player, and the Unseelie troll has been sent off the pitch more than once. They’ve come close to being banned completely, but have never quite crossed that line; the troll knows that if they go that little bit too far, they will no longer be able to play a sport they enjoy, and part of that enjoyment comes from hurting others on the pitch. By keeping their brutality that much in check, and making it seem like most of the incidents are “accidental” in nature, Ellen has so far managed to stay just within the bounds of the rules. Most of the time.
Enóla Barradóttir: Enóla has chosen to protect the inhabitants of an extremely dangerous and crime-ridden part of their city. They once were with the police that worked the area, but the criminals had managed to corrupt or intimidate enough officers that those that were left were unable to do much; an officer may be willing to risk themselves, but their loved ones and families were also threatened. Enóla, unable to protect their people and uphold their oath with the police, instead took the vigilante route. They may only be one troll, but a single troll can do a lot of damage.
Eva Burns: Eva is a bodyguard, and one that, though they do protect the person they are serving with a great deal of competence, is an Unseelie troll who doesn’t care that the one they protect from harm is one of the most vicious and brutal leaders of organised crime in their city. All Eva is bothered about is protecting their principal from harm; the fact that said principal would deserve any and all harm that might be inflicted on them is not a point Eva considers to be remotely relevant. Though not exactly trigger-happy, Eva will use force as a first, not a last, resort.
Findlay Little: Findlay. as a grump, has retreated away from changeling society, as the troll no longer feels the need to interact much with others. Those who still want to seek the troll out are welcome to do so, but as Findlay has made a lair in one of the most remote, and frozen, parts of the country, getting there is neither easy nor pleasant. Anyone who is willing to make the effort to see the troll, though, finds that Findlay will speak to them; after all, perseverance needs to be both rewarded and encouraged.
Frankie Dillon: Frankie is a troll grump who now devotes their time to fostering troll childlings and teaching them what it means to be a troll. Years of dealing with childlings have made Frankie capable of overcoming their innate stubbornness through patience and patient explanations, and as a troll themselves, Frankie is not as vulnerable to the occasional violent outbursts troll childlings are prone to as they learn how to control their temper; age and experience defeats youth when it comes to violence.

One page is the front cover and three the front matter.

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