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Publisher: Brabblemark Press

When crawling terror comes from space, only the living dead can save the Earth.

This set of character sheets for the ZYBORG COMMANDO RESURRECTION OVERDRIVE role-playing game includes a:

  • flat character sheet (1 form-fillable double-sided page); and
  • foldable character sheet tent (1 double-sided page).
Note: these sheets are already included with purchase of the ZCRO RPG. 


ZCRO is a twisted, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi horror roleplaying game. In this dark future, a invasion of giant robotic insects and their masters is only opposed by you and your comrades – zombie cybersoldiers risen from the grave on a mission of vengeance.

ZCRO is Starship Troopers meeting Return of the Living Dead while chewing a piece of Bubblegum Crisis and rocking out to a soundtrack by the Misfits. It’s a war of bloody horrors with Hollywood-style tactics and combat, but it’s equally about trust, shadows, torments, the decay of memory and loss of humanity, and the struggle against a never-ending Hunger. Come on – take a bite.

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