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Publisher: EDGE Studio

Once again, we join the fearless explorer Nigel Vanderhorn as he delves deep into the jungles of Zanaga! In this tome, he describes 15 more different native flora and fauna dangerous to any who might visit these dark and remote jungles.

Even more dangerous jungle creatures await those brave enough to charge into the uncharted wilds of Zanaga. Giant insects, carnivorous fungi, creatures of legend, and even some natural animals (more options for those using the Transform spell!) are all presented within! Join Nigel as he describes each of these creatures and brings the jungle to life for you!

This supplement provides fifteen (15) new Zanagan creatures. Each creature is pictured, along with stats and other information, including power levels from the Expanded Players’ Guide. This is part two of two, and other regional Mennaran bestiaries have been released and are planned to follow.

While these creatures are in addition to those listed in the Realms of Terrinoth book, they do draw from lore that appeared in previous games set in the Terrinoth setting (specifically the Mists of Zanaga expansion for Runebound).

As a bonus, Terrinoth-themed Adversary Cards are included for each creature in the product!

If you already have Part 1, go to the Zanagan Zoology Bundle and save a buck!

Developed by veteran GM and self-described Terrinoth researcher Chris Markham, this is one of many released supplements for the Realms of Terrinoth setting (and is the sequel to Zanagan Zoology: Part 1 of course). Though this supplement is set in the world of Mennara, it can be converted for use in your own fantasy world. The Genesys Core Rulebook, Realms of Terrinoth setting, and either Genesys Dice or the Genesys Dice App are required to use this product.

Zanagan Zoology: Part 2Price: $3.00