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Publisher: Mike Petty Games

It’s been 20 years since I printed a small booklet with this RPG where players play themselves in a weird version of their everyday world. It was my attempt to make a very simple game that could be enjoyed with only a d10, pencils and paper.

This short PDF booklet includes:

  • The Simple Setting
  • Story Starters for adventure ideas in the World of Tomorrow
  • An expanded example for players new to role-playing games
  • A bonus reprinting of the very short You Miniature Game (It’s basically another story starter.)

Let’s be honest. This 20th Anniversary Edition is not celebrating two decades of success and sales! I had some people who liked it years ago. But this one exists because I was looking through some old backup files and I found my original version. I wanted to see this fun game on DriveThruRPG. 

You - The RPG of Tomorrow - 20th Anniversary EditionPrice: $1.50