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As a big believer in psychological safety in games and simulation, I love the “X” Card.  This particular one was made for ASSIGNMENT: DANGER!  in case you did not prefer the other X-Card with the fierce beast on it we also have on DriveThruRPG.

No point causing traumatic experiences when a few easy actions can reduce the chance of them occurring!

A really great review of some of the tools and techniques can be found at Safety Tools for Tabletop RPGs from Thomas Weinbeger, of Dramadice.

I truly believe in tools such as the “X” card.  Although it’s easy enough to grab a paper and make an “X”… I thought I’d make a nice one for people to print out to make it more “present” during the game, so people would not forget it.

The image of the space disaster seems to align so well with an X, which is an image used in one of the ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! Supplements seems to be a perfect choice!  See the astronaut reaching out for some help?

Therefore, here is an X-Card as a free download to help promote mental health more in tune with action adventure games!

If you feel like throwing in a few shekels, 95% of whatever you give will go to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS. You can imagine the amount of psychological distress DWB is treating currently along with having to deal with their own reactions to current world events.


Play safe!



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