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Publisher: Whimsy’s Throne

This is The Library of Roam, an otherworldly collection of knowledge, gathered from across all of time. How does one reach it? How was it created? And what secrets might your players uncover within?

Pre-made scenarios are great… until they aren’t.

World Seeds are the answer to that.

Do-it-yourself kits with pre-made suggestions, World Seeds free you from memorizing page numbers or plot hooks. Your scenario’s important clues fit wherever you want, and your game will grow from your improvisation and your players’ input without fighting someone else’s structure.

Whether you’re a pro looking for inspiration, a new storyteller learning to plot your own course, or anywhere between, World Seeds will help.

Each will walk you through making your own scenario for your players, with seeds for your fertile imagination. You may plant them in your own settings, twine a series of seeds together, or grow new worlds from each.

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