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Publisher: The Holy Roller

You can download the full PDF for free by clicking on the Publisher Preview, but if you’d like to support my work by purchasing the PDF, you’ll also receive 18 form-fillable PDF character cards featuring a variety of fantasy heroes. 

Towering mountain ranges, ancient forests, unforgiving badlands, and vibrant cities form a world of rugged and majestic beauty. But perils unseen and dangers untamed threaten the safety of all who call these lands home. Monstrosities roam and rampage, twisted creatures skulk in the darkness, and practitioners of dark magic weave malevolent schemes. Lately, taverns are filled with rumors of an ancient evil reborn.

But even as these shadows darken, hearts are kindled in courageous defiance. Heroes of might and magic quest through dungeons, crypts, ruins, wilderness, and cities, resolved to banish evil wherever it may be found. Many fight to secure the peace and prosperity of their people, while others seek fantastic treasures, mystical secrets, and forgotten lore.

You are a diverse group of intrepid adventurers united in heart and purpose. You have heeded the call for aid. Assemble your party, sharpen your swords, and prepare your spells. Destiny awaits!

Wizards and Warriors is usable as a micro-setting, but it is also a fully self-contained one-page RPG in its own right. You can print it on a single sheet of paper: The first page includes everything you need to play, while an optional second page expands the adventure generator with examples and twists.

This product contains assets that were, wholly or in part, procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

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