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Publisher: Micro RPG

You are just a regular survivor, someone who had no idea about what was happening until that fateful Christmas Eve. Inside your apartment building in downtown Chicago you were simply sitting on the couch in the living room, sipping your favorite hot cocoa, watching It’s A Wonderful Life on some streaming service, and enjoying the singular glow of your illuminated Christmas tree. Through your windows, you could just make out the bustling city lights through the seasonal falling snow. It was a warm reminder of the season and the many people across the city who were celebrating various winter holidays with family or friends. Alone this year, you were making the best of the situation, treating yourself to a happy holiday all your own. However, it wasn’t going to be a happy holiday for anyone. The tree lights flickered, drawing your attention away from the TV. Glancing past the tree and out the window, you saw the snowfall increase. You’d never seen it come down in such heavy waves. The city seemed to blink on and off, and you couldn’t tell if it was just because the storm was blocking the lights or if there was some sort of power outage. You got your answer when It’s A Wonderful Life suddenly stopped streaming, followed by the screen going dark. It was quickly followed by all the lights in the building going dark. You sat there in pitch blackness for a moment, cradling your cup of cocoa and wondering what to do . . . when you started hearing the screaming from other floors of the building. This is how your apocalypse began.

Winter Fallout is a simple and fast horror survival roleplaying game for one player. It uses the Micro Chapbook RPG game system. It is a preview of the upcoming Premium Core Rulebook “The Chill of Death” but is also a complete game on its own. 

Winter Fallout: A Starter Survival GamePrice: $0.50