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Publisher: Kaid Brenen Sacander

What secrets lurk hidden in the dark? Do you dare open these pages to find out?

Whispers Beyond the Pale is a 36-page fan supplement for the Seekers Beyond the Shroud modern occult fantasy role-playing game, produced by Blackoath Games, where players take the role of an aspiring mage adept who delves into the occult secrets that lie hidden in our world. 

Within these pages are new Random Encounters for the Omphalos, 4 new occult Orders, 5 new missions, and 2 new dangerous Sites to explore (each with unique Events and Discoveries). You will also find details on Curses, a dangerous new gameplay mechanic, 3 new enemies, and plenty of new Spirits, Rituals, and more.

Whispers Beyond the Pale is an independent production by Kaid Brenen Sacander, and as such it has no affiliation with Exalted Funeral or Blackoath Entertainment. This content is supplemental to the core rules found in Seekers Beyond the Shroud, and a copy of those core rules is required to use this content. It is compatible with versions 1.3 and beyond.

Whispers Beyond the PalePrice: $5.00