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Publisher: Chaosium


The Investigators are making their way home on Christmas eve when a snowfall caught them on the road, and they need to pass through a distant and strange village, so they can rest and cheer on climate change. The place is ornate for the occasion and looks calm for a peaceful rest night. But everything changes when they come.

This is a pamphlet with an adventure structure for Call of Cthulhu 7th. Print, fold, and play. This is an ideal adventure for a short game, lasting an hour or two. The text presents the idea of a complete scenario, with scenes and clues. Keepers can add their own ideas to create a bigger adventure or start a campaign.

A few minutes of reading, some hours of fun.

This pamphlet is great for one-shot games. Did you get together with friends and now want to play something quick, just for fun? One of your group’s regular members missed the game, and you want to play an alternative scenario with a few hours of mystery? This adventure is for you. Just a few minutes of reading, and you will be ready to play.

By purchasing this product, you will receive:

  • A five pages PDF with an adventure pamphlet.
  • Four Pre-Made Investigators.
  • High-quality handouts and extra (a random table with Random Events at the Village).
  • PDF files have layers with the options to hide the background (friendly print) and add fold marks.
  • Include files to print it on Letter and A4 paper sizes.

This product may undergo regular proofreading. Check this page for the latest updates.

If you find typos or grammar, have some suggestions, and comments, or if you think something needs to be different in this product, please let me know.

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When They Come (Pamphlet Adventure)Price: $2.00