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Publisher: Secession Cycles

It was the night that you’ve been waiting for.

It’s up to you where and when it will happen, and it is also up to you what will exactly happen that night, but you are sure that suits, tuxedos, and gowns will be a thing, so does elegance, glamour, and fun.

It lasted for hours, and you thought that nothing will go wrong. Maybe someone will vomit on the floor, but that’s normal if someone’s drunk or full, right?

You were wrong.

Maybe you are the only one noticing it, maybe there are others that knew as well.

The thing is that tonight may not be the best night ever.

 At least for you.

You will be remembered, at the very least.

When Glamour Dies is a GM-less journaling RPG for 1-2 players, where you try to survive (and find answers + solutions) at the night that you thought will never go wrong.

Requires a 6-sided die, 12 tokens (of any kind), a deck of cards (Jokers included), and some sort of medium to record your experiences.

Based on the Wretched & Alone System.

When Glamour DiesPrice: $6.00