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Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

To ease the long, harsh days of a relentless winter, folk living in remote, mountainous wild areas seek comfort and joy in the celebration of ancient traditions and the worship of their gods. Often gathering with family and friends, Mondstille is still an important occasion, providing necessary respite from the harsh conditions raging outside. 

While the days are short and the dark nights seem interminable, midwinter is an important point in any calendar, especially for those remembering their legends and traditions. Ulric holds dominion over winter, but Taal is remembered as the wild takes on an aspect of greater savagery in the cold months, and Rhya is beseeched, to return vigour and vitality to the world.

In the remote mining town of Kupfertal, the Lurchen family are willing to extend their hospitality to those who would otherwise suffer in the harsh, bleak and biting winter cold. Roving Goblins threaten those who stray too far from the warmth of their Taal Logs. Feasts, blessings and games warm the hearts of the Lurchens, but despite the Mondstille cheer, old ghosts of feast days’ past make a timely appearance and skeletons come out of the closet. So light up a candle, ignore the voices down the corridor, and make sure you don’t let the fire go out! 

Originally published online as ‘The Ghost of Mondstille’, this scenario by Clive Oldfield is the perfect bleak midwinter’s tale with which to challenge your gaming group this December.

  • An investigation into mysterious goings on at the Kupfertal Guesthouse, a detailed location with accompanying map.
  • Details of a number of entertaining Mondstille traditions common to the Reikland.
  • How to play charades with rustic Reiklanders.

The scenario is set above the mining town of Hugeldal, close to the city of Ubersreik, where a number of our published scenarios are set. With a little bit of creative work and a festive dash of imagination, it could take place in any mountainous area of the Old World.

WFRP: Spirit of MondstillePrice: $3.99