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Publisher: The Polyhedral Knights

The World of Wasteland Sagas


  Many chroniclers have speculated the world broke due to a of string atrocious events. Tales of nuclear bombs that went off because territories disliked one another. Stories of laboratory-engineered viruses and mutagens designed to destroy people. Mother Nature had enough of the parasites ‘inconsideration and exploitation, so she revolted against humanity.


   The world was undone. Mankind crawled out of the rubble and ruin determined to persevere. It would be great to say people learned their lesson, but there will always be “Human Nature”.    Knowledge of technology has been lost.  There are remnants of ancient devices, so it does have mystery and value. The curious and enterprising sentients are rediscovering technologies and scientific theories bastardizing them into something different and unique that works in their new world. A new image of the world is being built. These are the building blocks of Wasteland Sagas.


Wasteland Sagas is filled with Mutants, Humans, Androids, and other oddities. Options exist such as Mutations, Bio Ware, Cybernetics, Android upgrades, and Faults. Lots to choose from to create any type of character in this sci-fi wasteland. These are the inhabitants of the new world.

   This is the 6th game that has been produced by The Polyhedral Knights and as usual, we aim to create something simple to learn and loads of fun. We designed a world that has enough information in it to get the GM started and enough open space for them to create what they want in this blasted wasteland.

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