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Publisher: Red Mage Games

In your quest to achieve gaming greatness, we at Terrainify are here for you, and so is “Wasteland,” a digital file featuring original artwork by Terrainify. Do you need a high quality product to impress your friends – but at a budget-friendly price? “Wasteland” fits the bill – and your budget. Did Greg left a water ring on your gaming table again (seriously, Greg, again?) and you’re tired of working around “the white circles of mystery” in your gameplay and want to cover them with a more playable landscape? The dynamic contouring and coloring of “Wasteland” fits a wide range of gaming scenarios. Is your OCD kicking in, and you want a game mat that not only looks thematically appropriate for your battle or adventure, but also has pristine, crisp image quality?  “Wasteland” looks fabulous from a distance of a few yards or a few inches; you’ll be able to see the texture of the ground beneath your miniatures’ feet. Is there anything more you could want from a gaming mat?  (Well…we tried to get it to put all the pieces away at the end of the game, but without opposable thumbs, it was a no-go.)

-For tabletop wargames and RPGs

-Size: 22 inches x 30 inches Skirmish, an official GW size for Warhammer 40k*

-After downloading, use this digital file to order a print from the printing service of your choice.

-Files are for personal use only. Please support a small business and fellow gamer and do not distribute files.

Thanks, and happy gaming!


*Want another size?  Search Drive-Thru RPG for this same mat in twelve other sizes.  

**Want another design?  Search Drive-Thru RPG for our other gaming mat themes, including Broken Ground and Fields of Battle.


Wasteland Gaming Mat 22x30 SkirmishPrice: $2.99