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Publisher: Ill Gotten Games

Introducing WALLHALLA, the modular, 3d-printable miniature display system!

These 3d-printable STL files print without support and assemble (and re-assemble) without glue or additional parts. Wallhalla shelving units can be mounted on the wall (even using push-pins for smaller builds). The parts are durable, easy to print and paint, and each shelf style includes versions with or without a round recess fitted to bases from 20mm-70mm.

These designs are optimized to print without supports. All Wallhalla parts are compatible with parts from other Wallhalla sets, so you can mix and match them however you like!

*Please note: You are buying digital files only and only Wallhalla display, not miniatures.

Wallhalla: Sci-Fi Hex-O-PlexPrice: $15.00