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Publisher: Headless Hydra Press

The worst NPCs aren’t the ones that the players hate or are annoyed by; the worst NPCs are the ones the party forgets.

Villains & Villagers seeks to make creating memorable NPCs fast and easy. Fill your world with fascinating, surprising NPCs that the party will never forget – and save hours of game prep doing it.

Villains & Villagers is a system-neutral book designed to make creating and adding NPCs to your world as easy as possible. This 78 page perfect bound, full color softcover book includes:

 29+ Premade NPCs you can add to your campaign
Artwork for all premade NPCs
More than a dozen random tables to make detailed NPCs in seconds
Guidance and advice on making memorable NPCs with distinct personalities and unique motivations
6 “lair” battlemaps to use for your NPCs
Five unique tavern menus
Player handouts including NPC character sheet, wanted posters, and hireling contracts

Additionally, the digital bundle includes:

PDF of the book
29 NPC VTT Tokens
Variants of the books battlemaps including high/low resolution and square grid/no grid variants
NPC Cards for 15 of the NPCs that can be printed and given as player handouts

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