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Publisher: David Markiwsky Art

This free supplement for the Utopia TTRPG provides you with information on an NPC to add to your Utopia game, along with details of jobs that your character can do for that NPC via the Take a Job action. 

Each job lists:

  • the difficulty of the job,
  • the payment for completing the job,
  • some background information on the job from your contact, and
  • the steps you will need to take to complete the job.

Some jobs may also include:

  • special complication tables to roll on when you experience complications while completing the job,
  • statistics for special enemies, and
  • instructions for making situational rolls that go beyond the normal actions.

Do I need a copy of Utopia?

Yes, you need a copy of the Utopia core rule book to use this supplement. You can purchase a copy here.

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