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Publisher: Logan Laidlaw

The Magus is a spellcasting class that places a great emphasis on passing their arcane studies on to their next of kin, and remaining secretive about their legacy. They universally try to reach a truth they believe exists outside the world as we know it, and try to carve paths out of the logic of the world in an attempt to reach that truth. 

The magus gains a variety of features that let them customize how they cast their magic, and their specialties grant them astounding control over their field of study. Currently, this release includes the following subclasses:

  • Astromancy
  • Enforcer
  • Familiar Magecraft
  • Martial Magecraft
  • Minerology

The class can also be used with wizard subclasses, pending review from a game’s DM to make sure no mechanics conflict. 

This content will be expanded on in future Trial of Heroes supplements, specifically in the Trial of Heroes 5E Handbook II, set to release in 2021.

(The magus class was made for the Nat19: Solar Shadow D&d 5E stream on Twitch, on the Nat19Official channel.)

Trial of Heroes: The Magus (5e Class) (Fantasy Grounds Mod)Price: $4.99