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Publisher: BattleSauce

Never played BattleSauce?  Say wha?! It’s free!  Get it here or on our website! Play BattleSauce alone or with friends if you still have them during all this pandemic mess.

Grab the FREE BattleSauce Rulebook where we cut the fat from roleplaying.  Then create an awesome character – CHEF, WERETHING, MANIMAL, BARBARIAN, WAR WITCH, or GHOST in just a few minutes and get ready to rumble.  You should probably actually read the BattleSauce Rulebook too.  There are more FREE BattleSauce adventures on DriveThru and on my website.  Did I say BattleSauce enough?  

Mobile friendly layout and design.
Brief introduction to BattleSauce gameplay.
Role playing light if any at all.  I mean, they’re snacks!
Game ready map(s).

Tree Safe House
Still only .99! (Looking at you Marvel Comics!)

Written and Illustrated by Michael Startzman (No Thank You, Evil!The Strange BestiaryThe Ninth World Bestiary).

As a BattleSauce ingredient, this uncharted map can be used in virtually any of our games. Ingredients are add ons to BattleSauce games providing a little extra flavor to your adventures. 

Hidden high among the trees players can use the safe house as a place of rest and recovery when traveling long distances through the jungle or woods.  Or as a location to make a last stand.  Just saying.

But that’s not all! What do you get for loose change you could probably find on the couch?

  • A brand new map full of lucious green trees to chase away the gray days
  • A key identifiying significant elements and locations in the map
  • 11 x 17″ poster map ready to print
  • JPG map too.
  • So many maps.

Tree Safe HousePrice: $0.99