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Publisher: Christian Klinge

The door leads up to the Goldworm Village Inn. The inn is built in traditional half-timbering and looks like one of those places where the beer is rarely bad, and the food is solid. The innkeeper, Tristan, stands at the counter and polishes the mugs with a stained towel. Tristan eyes the new arrivals suspiciously. They look like travellers, but they are also heavily armed. He wonders if they are out for trouble. He hopes not. There are enough problems in this remote place.

This mini campaign for Dragonbane/Drakar och Demoner consist of four adventures all set in the Ivy County, a deserted region where the small village of Bindvid is the only civilised settlement. Bindvid is an isolated place that is located some five days from a major town and about three days from two legendary ruins.

These four adventures can be played as a mini campaign, as separate one-shots, or you can fit them in your own campaign.

Content of the mini campaign:
• The Beginning
• The tale of the Darkknight and the Sorceress
• The Village Bindvid
• On the roads around Bindvid
• Blackhill Barrow   (adventure)
• Darkflame Hall   (adventure)
• Dimstone Keep   (adventure)
• Dungeon of Glasha the Orc Queen (adventure)
• Map of the Ivy County
• Monsters of the Ivy County: Animated Statue, Venomous Serpent, Strangling ivy, Lindworm, Will-o’-Wisp, and Orcs

Treasures of the Ivy County is not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Fria Ligan AB. This Supplement was created under Fria Ligan AB’s Dragonbane Third Party Supplement License.

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