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Publisher: ChamomileHasAdventures

The Traveler’s Guide to the City of Intrigue is a ‘zine size 5e supplement of backstabbing nobles and fleshwarping wizard experiments gone awry. Embrace chaos and fleshwarping with the new School of Chimericism subclass for the Wizard, a Transmutation school focused less on turning lead into gold and more on what would happen if you combined a rhino with a pigeon, or play with the new chaos forms for the returning Shapeshifter class, transforming into Tindalos hounds, mi-go, and shoggoths.

And if that’s not enough chaos for you, you’ll also contend with any of the archmage Percy’s various experiments gone awry, from the trans-planar infinisewer that gets around space constraints by tunneling through the Elemental Chaos to the autonomous Manufactotem, a golem workshop that is itself a golem that produces other golems, to the Polymorph Plague that warps and mutates its victims into malformed, bloodcrazed monsters.

Sift through the filth of the city to find lost treasures with the new Scavenger subclass for the Rogue, perfect for pairing with the returning ratling ancestry, or join the City Guard with the new heavily armored Juggernaut subclass for the Fighter. Pair them with any of the twelve backgrounds in the book, all of which bring special abilities activated with hit dice to finally give you something to do with the damn things.

Play as or against any of the five aristocratic factions of Lumitas, the City of Intrigue, each of which can be torn out and used as allies or antagonists in your own campaign or used together for an adventure or campaign taking place in Lumitas itself. Attend fancy soirees or assassinate your foes in the mighty Galloway Orcs, the sinister Church of the Blood Pentarchy, the viciously evil dark elven House Evnesh, the chaotic Carnival Occultus, and the people-eating Grave Society.

All found within the Traveler’s Guide to the City of Intrigue!

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